Our Pledges

We developed our pledges with Climate Emergency Camden.

We are asking all candidates to confirm their support for the following actions that local councils need to take on the Climate and Ecological Emergency:

  • Protect our environment
    Preserve and protect green spaces for wildlife and people; increase tree canopy cover and use no ecocidal pesticides
  • Reduce the need for cars
    Prioritise road use for pedestrians, buses and cycles and make public transport safer and more reliable
  • Climate-aware procurement
    Buy only goods, services and pension funds with a low carbon footprint and which do not damage the environment
  • Cut energy use in buildings
    Train people to insulate business premises and housing; source all electricity and heat from renewables
  • Halt over-development
    Refurbish existing buildings for affordable housing instead of new high-rise developments, saving huge quantities of carbon emissions
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
    Take measures to reduce consumption and waste, resulting in less pollution and lower carbon emissions, here and globally
  • Build climate solidarity
    Raise awareness of the devastating impact of climate change on the global south;  involve communities who have family in affected areas including Bangladesh and Somalia
Campaign against the current Edmonton Incinerator proposals Dec 2021