One Vote for the Planet candidate standing in Camden elections

Long time local community activist Alice Brown will contest Haverstock ward, in the London Borough of Camden, as an independent candidate promoting the One Vote for the Planet platform in the local elections on 5th May.

Alice has lived in the area since 1987 and brought up her children there. She campaigned successfully to save a local library and helped run a trail-blazing community garden. She is a member of Climate Emergency Camden, working with others to raise awareness and take practical action.

If elected as councillor, Alice pledges to make the neighbourhood a great place to live by increasing family housing and supporting local businesses. She will campaign to protect open spaces and trees, and for more food growing spaces. She will hold Camden to account on housing repairs, and demand that the council insulates all buildings to reduce fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions.  

Alice asks residents to give ONE of their three votes to a candidate who will give a voice to Haverstock ward in the race to stop Climate and Ecological Meltdown.

“By electing me you will be telling Camden Council that local people care about our planet’s future,” Alice says. 

“We are already seeing the impact of the Climate and Ecological crisis on our everyday lives. Camden Council can – and should – do more. Here’s how:

1. PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT – Preserve and protect our green spaces and trees for wildlife and people 

2. REDUCE THE NEED FOR CARS – Improve public transport and prioritise road use for pedestrians and cycles 

3. CLIMATE-AWARE PROCUREMENT – Buy only goods, services and pension funds with a low carbon and  ecological footprint  

4. CUT ENERGY USE IN BUILDINGS – Create jobs and training for local people to insulate business premises and housing 

5. STOP MASSIVE DEVELOPMENTS – Refurbish existing buildings for affordable housing and make new buildings low-carbon  

6. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE – Cut pollution, carbon emissions and waste 

7. BUILD CLIMATE SOLIDARITY – Raise awareness of devastation caused by climate change in the global south and Involve communities who have family in affected areas.”

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